My goal is to get fabulous shots while having the most fun possible

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I love black and white images!

I want to capture the real you. I'm all about organic expressions and connection

I believe you should be able to see your images without getting on Facebook

I have a boot obsession, and I'm comfortable with that

The time spent laughing is the best part of the day

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I believe thaFamily is everything

It has been said that I'm a little sarcastic. Whatever

I've been married for 33 years. We're just getting warmed up

Shooting landscapes is cool, but I love to shoot people, because people are a lot more fun

I believe women get better with age

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Every woman wants to be a super model for a day

You will hear about my dog at some point during your session

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I believe an image should make me feel something

I try to live my life keeping my favorite quote in mind

And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make John Lennon


I'm a portrait girl. I shoot everything with a face.

As far as pricing goes, there are a ton of choices based on what you are looking for. My session fee is 75.00 and I sell wall art and digital. But, let's be real here. Are you planning to hand down that digital file to your grandkids. Let' s get you something tangible, that you see every day in the living room, not just a low resolution file to post on fb.

So lets get started . I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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Tina has been our photographer for almost four years. In that time, she has captured some of the most special moments in our lives. I couldn't thank her enough for the time and fun she puts into each shoot. We look forward to our next session!

-Charlie and Shealynn Z.-

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"I have used Tina for many different photo shoots. She has taken photos of my daughter on many different occasions including newborn photos, annual birthday photos and seasonal themed shoots. Her patience and creativity shines when working with my daughter. She works with her quirks, understands when she needs a break but also takes the opportunity to snap a shot when it may not be a conventional pose. Tina has worked with my family for annual family photos as well. She takes the time to learn our personality and dynamic and that shines through the photos she takes. Finally, Tina has shot boudoir photos for me. She is conscious of insecurities and hesitations and uses angles, lighting and true beauty to capture fantastic, classy and sexy pictures. I have loved working with her and will continue to do so!"

-Liz O.-

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